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Belle Glos "Clark & Telephone" Pinot Noir 2018

USA, Santa Maria Valley
Pinot Noir
Price Category: $$$$
Napa Valley Quilt Chardonnay 2018
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Miriam Freislederer (attending)
Managing Director, Weingarten Eden GmbH & Co KG


The Clark & Telephone Vineyard was established in 1972 and planted with ‘own root’ Martini clone vines. Located just 13 miles from the ocean and situated on a west-facing slope, this vineyard experiences weather patterns that pull from west to east to bring cool fog and coastal breezes inland until August when Santa Ana winds begin. This climate makes for later-ripening and longer-hanging grapes with a delightful fruitiness, great acidity and underlying flavor nuances that contribute additional complexity. Due to intensive pruning and crop-thinning, the vines produce loose clusters with small, intensely flavored berries. The result is dense, dark-berry fruit and abundant, sweet, baking-spice characteristics that are synonymous with the Martini clone. Deep ruby red in color with scarlet highlights, Clark & Telephone opens with bountiful aromas of red fruits of cranberry and raspberry jam, laced with clove, cedar, and holiday baking spices. Bold and complex flavors of crushed ripe cherry, cranberry, and blueberry pie linger on the palate. The texture is rich and lively, and leads into a warm and structured finish.



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Clark & Telephone Vineyard

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